Press Catch Up: Broadchurch Premieres To Rave Reviews In The USA

Broadchurch premiered to rave reviews in the USA on Wednesday, the show which was the TV event of 2013 in the UK looks set to continue it's success over the Pond. 
The reviewers are already hooked here's a look at some of the best quotes:

“The acting here is first-rate, and the two adversarial cops investigating the case – Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) – despise each other just enough to create a palatable tension." - The New York Post

"Broadchurch, an eight-part drama on BBC America (Wednesday, 10 p.m.), is a textbook example of excellent writing, well-developed and complicated characters, superb acting, a perfect sense of place and, perhaps most important, just the right number of hours to tell a murder mystery without unnecessary padding or corner-cutting cheats." - The Hollywood Reporter

“Complex Broadchurch is bloody good.
“As the Brits might say: Brilliant. Granted, the word doesn’t mean quite the same thing in Britain, as our U.K cousins tend to use it for everything from ‘thanks’ to ‘awesome’ to, well, ‘brilliant’. Luckily, when it comes to BBC America’s new eight-hour import Broadchurch, all those meanings apply: we can all be grateful for a series this awe-inspiringly exceptional.” - USA Today

Here are five reasons why you should care about Broadchurch:
1. It stars David Tennant
2. … but Olivia Colman steals the show
3. Brits are talking about it on Twitter
4. It’s drawing just as many, if not more, viewers than Downton Abbey
5. Fox is adapting a North American version - The Star

Broadchurch continues with Episode 2 on Wednesay 14th August at 10pm/9c on BBC America