INTERVIEW: Jodie Whittaker's 3 Questions, 2 Biscuits + 1 Cup of Tea

Jodie Whittaker is the latest member of the Broadchurch cast to face BBC America's 3 Questions, 2 Biscuits and 1 Cup Of Tea challenge.

What Jodie does think of animals? How does she cope with the British weather? And is she every bit the good, tea-supping Yorkshire lass that she appears? Find out below.

Broadchurch continues on BBC America on Wednesday 21st August at 10pm/9c. 

Episode 5 of the series airs tonight on Showcase in Canada at 10pm ET/PT, with episode 6 tomorrow night at the same time.

GNT in Brazil will screen episode 3 tomorrow night at 22.30

ABC1 in Australia will air episode 7 on Friday at 8.30pm

The series premieres on TV4 in Sweden tomorrow night at 21.00

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