From Metro: Why The 'Effortlessly Lovable' David Tennant Is Still The Most Popular Doctor

He regularly tops the Doctor Who popularity polls. Tenth Doctor merchandise sells more than that of any other Doctor according to eBay. He was even given odds by UK bookmakers to return as the Twelfth Doctor. And beyond the TARDIS his popularity still holds: his upcoming run as Richard II for the RSC was the fastest selling show in the company's history. Today Metro ask the question: Why is David Tennant still the nation's favourite Doctor?

Metro's article gives a number of convincing explanations:

The Timing: David joined the show after the first series of Russell T. Davies' revival at a time when it was on a high and had just been re-established in the public consciousness

Russell T. Davies is a genius! His ideas and writing were perfect for David's Doctor

Rose: We were given a love story. And as Rose fell in love with the Doctor, so did the viewer

A new generation of fans: They say that you always favour the Doctor that you grew up with. For millions of young viewers new to the show, this was David

Finally they say that a lot is down to David himself:
"And it just doesn’t hurt that David Tennant is just a splendid bloke, tremendous fun and just more than a bit fanciable. Both fragile and heroic, with great hair. Great hair. So many people still love David Tennant because he is so effortlessly lovable. And sexy too. Not something you say about most Doctor Who actors."

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David returns to the role of the Tenth Doctor alongside Matt Smith in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode. The episode also stars John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, and Joanna Page. The episode will be screened worldwide on Saturday 23rd November.

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