From ABC in Australia: Simone McAullay Signs For Second Series Of Broadchurch

The ABC website in Australia have posted an interview with Broadchurch star Simone McAullay  who reveals she has signed up for the second series. Programme creator Chris Chibnall has revealed that he has started work on the second series but has not given any hints about plot or cast details, save that it will be very different from the original drama.

Simone, who plays the flirty and outspoken hotelier Becca Fisher in the drama, was speaking to Richard Glover on his radio show on 702 ABC Sydney. "They want me to show my face in the second one, so that’s very lovely" she states. 

Simone spoke at length on the success of the show which concludes tomorrow night in Australia. Part of the power of the show, she believes, is the focus on the lives and relationships of the inhabitants of the small town and the way that secrets begin to emerge as the community comes under press and police scrutiny

"It's that thing of exposing everyone, peeling back the skin, the masks (of the characters) and I think when something like this happens in your town or your community everyone is put to the test and, in this case, literally investigated,” she said "But everyone is asking the big questions and seeing their lives through a different filter and seeing the mistakes they've made and all the cracks that start to show."

She also says that they were astounded by the impact that the drama had when it made its UK debut back in the spring. The Chris Chibnall-scripted series was regularly watched by around 8-9 million people and became the most tweeted about drama ever

“It was off the hook! David Tennant and Olivia Colman are really big stars here and rightly so, and I think because of David and Olivia there was this huge kind of lead up to it and then people were hooked. It’s a very compelling show, all of the heart and soul aside, there’s honestly the whodunit. People love guessing. It’s tricky, it’s a difficult one. I’ve got friends calling me from home saying ‘Is it so-and-so, don’t tell me, don’t tell me!’ … I live in fear of exposing the gender of the person... it's terrifying!”

And she loved working with Olivia and David, "They’re gorgeous, lovely, lovely people. The set here in England is pretty much the same as back home where everyone just mucks in and wants to get the job done. Because we filmed it chronologically and we didn't know whodunnit basically, so we were all on the journey together."

Broadchurch is an eight part series following the investigation into the murder of a child in a sleepy UK coastal town. The drama stars, David Tennant, Olivia, Colman, Simone McAullay, arthur Darvill and David Bradley.

The series finale airs on ABC1 on Friday 30th August at 8.30pm