Explore The TARDIS Via Google Street View

Google have contributed to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations by allowing site users to explore just exactly what is behind the door of that perfectly innocent looking police telephone box located outside Earl's Court Underground station in London.

To uncover the secrets inside, hover your cursor over the map and click on the double chevrons when they appear outside the box

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Users of the new Google Maps Beta please note that they need to be logged out in order for the correct Street View image to load (Thanks www.doctorwhonews.net)

The Earl’s Court ‘TARDIS’ was put in place on Thursday 18 April, 1996. It was a modern update to the iconic 1930s design and was intended as the first in a new line of public safety systems. It incorporated a phone linked directly to the Metropolitan Police switchboard and a CCTV camera. The project was abandoned before a full roll-out of similar boxes throughout London.