Double Income No Kids Yet Series 2 Repeated On BBC Radio 4 Extra

From next Monday, the 26th August, BBC Radio 4 Extra will be repeating the second series of David Spicer's hilarious radio sitcom Double Income No Kids Yet, which was originally broadcast in 2002.. 

The series stars David Tennant and Elizabeth Carling as Daniel and Lucy, a childless professional couple surrounded by a world of ever-growing families. Tony Gardner, soon to be seen alongside David in the new BBC One thriller The Escape Artist plays Daniel's best friend Andy, while Samantha Spiro takes over the role of Katie.

Episode guide
  • Episode 1: After yet another night on the tiles, Lucy drags Dan to the gym
  • Episode 2: When Lucy joins a school reunion site, Dan's best mate Andy is surprised to meet Lucy's old chum
  • Episode 3: Dan and Lucy's getaway plans are thwarted by other people's problems. And why is Peter acting so strangely
  • Episode 4: After Steve and Linda's dinner party, Dan's not keen on a re-match
  • Episode 5: With news of another baby for their best friends, Dan takes action over Lucy's unexpected reaction
  • Episode 6: Lucy regrets helping to write a book and Daniel's on an odd night out

Listen to episode 1 on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Monday 26th August at 7.00am and 5.30pm BST and at 5.30am on Tuesday 27th August