Coming Soon: Tree Fu Tom - Tree Fu Snow On DVD

Look out for a brand new collection of Tree Fu Tom adventures coming soon on DVD from Fremantle Home Entertainment

Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Snow will feature the voices of Sophie Aldred and David Tennant as tiny hero Tom and his anarchic sidekick Twigs. Join the two best friends on their adventures as they work together to protect the magical kingdom of Treetopolis from danger through the power of Tree Fu.

The award winning children's animated series Tree Fu Tom was the most watched show on CBeebies last year. The show is unique in that it includes moves developed in association with the Dyspraxia Foundation which, if copied by the young audience, can help support co-ordination development in children with dyspraxia and other related conditions.

Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Snow will be released on Monday 28th October in the UK

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A second series of Tree Fu Tom is currently in production. However, David Tennant has stated that due to a lack of availability he will no longer be involved with the show.