Broadchurch: Chris Chibnall and Olivia Colman Talk About David Tennant - "He’s the sweetest man in the world, an absolute joy to work with"

Chris Chibnall and Olivia Colman have been chatting to Buzzfeed to promote Broadchurch, which starts airing on BBC America 7th August 10pm/9c.
Whilst talking about the show they both had some great things to say about David Tennant, who stars alongside Olivia in the drama series.

Talking about the differences between her character, Ellie Miller, and David's character, Alec Hardy, Olivia says:
“She assumes everybody is good and she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He does the opposite. She’s always in demand, she’s got a family; we don’t know about his. But as more is revealed about him, you realize he might have been hurt at one point, but so much as happened and so much has hurt him and he’s had his fingers burnt that he’s had to build up this armor. She learns from him so they become closer and closer. Because I think he does understand where she’s from, but he’s trying to protect her.”

Whilst Chris Chibnall praises the actors natural interaction: “Look at any scene with David and Olivia — they contain multitudes. You can play two minutes off them eating fish and chips and chatting. They are playful, precise, technically gifted and instinctively brilliant performers."
“I wrote the characters I wanted to see as people — we researched with the police and both characters seemed credible to me, only later did I think, oh, he’s the hard-bitten cop from the city, she’s the country mouse. Sometimes, just doing the simple things well, works.”

It also helps that David and Olivia loved working together so much with Olivia saying of David:
“He’s the sweetest man in the world, an absolute joy to work with.Everyone keeps asking me what it’s like working with him, and I wish there was something that I could make up as he’s so nice. He’s awful! Very rude!” She laughs. “He’s a really lovely, funny, witty, gentle man… After a day’s work, I’ll go, ‘Shall we go and have a beer?’ and he’ll go, ‘No, no, no. I’m going to learn my lines and then I’ll have a cup of tea.’ …I’m forever trying to get him to come out and have a drink! But he’s such fun. A giggler.”

Read the full interview over on Buzzfeed here.

See a few photos of the Broadchurch BBC America panel with Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker and David Bradley below: