Available for Today Only: Two Amazing Doctor Who / Star Wars Designs From RIPT

Our friends at RIPT Apparel have two epic Doctor Who / Star Wars crossover T-shirts up for sale today.

First up is "Return Of The Doctor", a brand new design featuring several of the Doctor's most fearsome foes including the Sontarans, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Silence and the Weeping Angels, as well as the Doctor's friend and sometime companian Madame Vastra and the Doctor himself...

The second design "The Angels Strike Back"  features a large Weeping Angel, plus Amy and Rory and the Doctor.

Both designs retails at just $10 each and are available until 4am GMT / midnight EST on 30th June. 

RIPT will ship internationally - see their store page for more details.

Click here to order and also to view the range of other products including phone covers, coasters and prints.

Don't forget that we are joining forces with RIPT for your chance to win a 12" 50th Anniversary British Icon Dalek - see our blog for more details.