Australia Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Half Way Point

David Tennant's recent detective drama Broadchurch is at the half way point in Australia, with fans having seen episode 1 to 4 on their local channel ABC1.
We asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

What the fans say:

  • Ann Holland First time ever i am watching ABC on Friday nights instead of the football! Loving the story and the vulnerability of all the characters.
  • Margaret Azzopardi Really enjoying the series so far, good acting from Olivia and the other actors. Love David. Trying to work out who the murderer is, I have 4 suspects in mind.
  • Jane Tarrant Quality drama with great cast - thank goodness for UK TV programmes!
  • JM Cregan I love it... so many clues and you think you have solved it and all of a sudden a 'whammy' gets thrown into the mix.... Loving it!
  • Kajol Eagle It is amazing! I love the characters, their complex natures, the very secretive village life and the fact that the story is teased out very slowly unlike other crime shows where everything is packed into one hour. This is the closest thing to a murder investigation.
  • Michelle Maltby Loving the program so far cannot guess who did it everyone is so suspicious well acted by everyone.
  • Janette Mitchell Trinity-Design Fantastic. Best thing on tv. Love David.
  • Mac Doyle Love this suberb dark and gothic tale, so many wonderful actors playing ordinary people with complicated secrets well played each and every one involved in this series.
  • Vetti Wilson Brilliant, captivating and so watchable. Coleman and Tennant for detective duo of the decade!
  • Carmela Pavlic Searle Beautifully shot and very clever, has you loving and hating characters right from the get go
  • Phillip Simon Russell What I love about English dramas compared to USA or Aussie dramas is they are not dumb down for the thick amongst us. So when Channel 7, 9, 10 go "Your never guess what happens next."I can not say Oh yes we do! This is why I love this show.
  • Taryan Kotsiakos Absolutely hooked!!
  • Tanya Rolls Homesick for the first time in 12 years . ( fromWeymouth Portland) great tv.beautifully shot
  • Susan Heyes It's Monday night but I can't wait till Friday night because Broad-church is on. That is the sign of great writing and amazing acting. Brilliant.
  • Josie Wilson Finally a TV show you can really enjoy!
  • Jordan Eliza I have no idea who dun it!! Isn't that the key to any great mystery?!
  • Steph Mitchell What a knock out of a series ... I could watch it over and over again. David Tennant brilliant as always with a great stellar cast this one is a winner. Would love to see David Tennant do a detective spin off from this series.. 
  • Beth Wallis Love it! Gives you just enough progression with the story that it hooks you in for the next episode and I love that the character development wasnt all at once too, cant wait for the next episode!!! 
  • Kerrod Smith Love it a refreshing brake from the one episode murder the backstory of each person is intriguing
  • Richard Tonkin Possibly the most compelling series I have seen for a long time. Can not fault anything about this show. Season two will be amazing. Just hope we see it sooner this time.
  • Jan Wilesmith Really enjoying the series, brilliant acting from everyone, but each episode goes too fast. It's interesting to see David Tennant, Pauline Quirk & Olivia Colman in such serious roles, I'm used to them in light hearted roles & comedies. They own their roles so well you quickly forget you even knew them in other parts.
  • Kirsten Morrison Loving it! Really enjoying watching all the actors in quite different roles to what I'm used to seeing them in. Can't help but see Arthur Darvil as Rory though...
  • Kerry Venaille I'm absolutely loving it. Everytime you think you have it or you've ruled someone out, there are three or four new clues leading to someone else! David And Olivia are both amazing and play off each other so well!!
  • Suzanne Robinson Great show, love the dynamics between them! The dark and moody nature of it! Very well acted. Would definitely keep watching further series.
  • Meg Sinclair Stokes I think it's a fantastic show. Would like to know more about Tennant's back story, but am really enjoying him perform in a drama like this.
  • Briony Kathryne I think the show is wonderful. It goes into a lot more emotional depth with the detectives than most other crime investigation shows.
  • Judy Mac Farlane-Arnel I LOVE THIS! It has me so involved that I yell advice to you through the tv.. I am sure I know the answer, but no one is taking any notice of me!!! getting an eye full of D T is just the icing on the cake!!
  • Julie Davis Love the way we only get snippets of everyone's lives, more and more revealed each week. It keeps it interesting and makes me impatient for the next episode. Tennant is brilliant as usual and the rest of the cast aren't too shabby either.
  • Rebecca Wellard Riveting, hilarious, subtle, very well scripted and acted...WHO DUNNIT?? So many possibilities, so many suspects. Addicted to this show!
  • Will Hall I couldn't ask for anything more from television! This is the most beautiful, thrilling and intriguing series I've ever seen and I pray that British drama keeps up this incredibly high standard.
  • Robin Forde Just loved it, the level of suspense & intrigue is perfect. The acting is sublime & the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. David Tennant & Olivia Coleman team well together & their acting is superb...loved seeing Pauline Quirke as such a brooding hard character. All in all...bring on season 2 & make it just as riveting as the first.
  • Annette Felix I love it. 
    Have made almost everyone into a murderer so far. 
    Loving so many of the characters. 
    Longing to discover the full story of Alec Hardy and the previous case.
  • Jessica Bowers Love it!!! At the end of each episode the plot thickens and leaves you craving to find out what will happen in the next one.
  • Danny Liwszyc Very haunting show. David does brooding very well. The emotional impact of having the murder victim be an 11 year old boy, essentially an innocent, casts a very different light over this series, as opposed to an adult. It makes the whole so much more terrible and horrifying, sad and tragic, and how ALL the actors have responded to that makes for an eminently watchable drama...

Broadchurch continues with episode 5 on Friday 9th August at 8.30pm on ABC1

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