What We Did On Our Holiday Producer Talks To Clydebank Post

Dan Winch, the producer of What We Did On Our Holiday, has been talking to the Clydebank Post about the choice of locations for the movie. The BBC Films and Origin Pictures co-production, starring David Tennant and Rosamund Pike, is being shot on location in Scotland with a number of scenes filmed in the Scotstoun district of Glasgow, which has, the producer says, a unique visual impact. He said

"What I think is good about that area is the variety of architecture. You can go from one street to the next and imagine you're in a different city. It doesn't necessarily tie you to Glasgow.

"We filmed streets in a bit more of an urban setting. We were looking for somewhere which looks as if it's in the south of England. That's why we came to that part of town because the architecture is quite hard to pin point where it's from. Unless you're living in the street or are round the corner from the street you probably wouldn't know you weren't in London.

"We searched high and low for a house that felt like it was in the right part of Scotland. We'll be at this location for another couple of weeks. We are at a private house that appears in the film. We went up to a few options, we saw many different houses all offering different things but we settled on this one."

He also spoke a little about the plot.

"It starts in London, it's a family going to visit the other half of the family up in Scotland," he said, "We follow the journey from London with all the things we can relate to when going on a family holiday, packing up the car, and 'are we nearly there yet?' with kids in the car, that type of thing.

"We are filming for the next five weeks. One of our biggest challenges is working with the restrictions of working with children, especially when they're the driving factor behind the story. It's geared round them.”

Finally Dan had great things to say about filming in Scotland.

“Everybody in Scotland has been so welcoming, we've had terrific support. We couldn't have completed the film if we hadn't had the support." he said.

What We Did On Our Holiday is written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the team behind the hit BBC sitcom Outnumbered. David Tennant and Rosumund Pike play divorcing husband and wife Doug and Abi who take their three children on a trip to Scotland for a family celebration while pretending for the sake of the rest of the family that all is well with their marriage. Billy Connolly also stars, along with Ben Miller, Amelia Bullmore and Celia Imrie. Shooting will continue until the start of August and the film is scheduled for a 2014 cinematic release.

Source: Clydebank Post

Photo: Nick Ponty / The Herald