Very Best Of The Proclaimers Released Today Featuring Sleevenotes By David Tennant

The brand new double compilation album by The Proclaimers is released in the UK today. The release contains 30 tracks hand-picked by Craig and Charlie Reid from the nine studio albums released over their 30 year history, including the brand new single Not Cynical. The album also features sleeve notes written by huge Proclaimers fan David Tennant.

David says of The Proclaimers, "My favourite band of all time They write the most spectacular songs, big-hearted, uncynical, passionate songs"

You can order your copy here

The full track listing is:

01 Throw the R Away (2011 Remaster)
02 Life With You
03 I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (2011 Remaster)
04 Letter From America (2011 Remaster)
05 What Makes You Cry? (2011 Remaster)
06 Shadows Fall
07 Love Can Move Mountains
08 Role Model
09 Restless Soul
10 S-O-R-R-Y
11 I’m On My Way (2011 Remaster)
12 Spinning Around In The Air
13 Hate My Love
14 Not Cynical
15 Act Of Remembrance

16 In Recognition
17 There’s
18 I’m Gone
19 King Of The Road (2011 Remaster)
20 Just Look Now
21 Born Innocent
22 On Causewayside
23 Scotland’s Story
24 Sunshine On Leith (2011 Remaster)
25 Should Have Been Loved
26 Cap In Hand (2011 Remaster)
27 Let’s Get Married (2011 Remaster)
28 There’s A Touch
29 Joyful Kilmarnock Blues (2011 Remaster)
30 Oh Jean (2011 Remaster)

Watch the video for Not Cynical  here