The Doctor Who Prom Takes Place At The Royal Albert Hall

The BBC Doctor Who Prom took place this evening and was streamed worldwide live from the Royal Albert Hall in London via BBC Radio 3

As well as appearances by the current Doctor and his companion, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, the audience was menaced by Daleks, Silurians, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, The Silence and various other foes. Matt and Jenna were assisted in their presenting duties by Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and Strax (Dan Starkey).

The audience of the Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall were surprised by a couple of extra special guests this evening. Fifth Doctor Peter Davison appeared to introduce a selection of music and dialogue from the Classic series. Carole Ann Ford, the Doctor’s first companion, his granddaughter Susan Foreman took to the stage to reminisce about their first meeting with the Daleks and the realisation of what a great impact the show had made, before introducing The Name Of The Doctor from the series 7 climax.

Big screen images of the previous Doctors and their companions were greeted by whoops of joy, with reportedly huge screams and cheers whenever David Tennant was shown.

The Prom focused on music composed for the revived series by Murray Gold and orchestrated by Ben Foster. There was also a very welcome medley of music from the Classic series of Doctor Who arranged by Mark Ayres. The winners of the Doctor Who ‘Create A Soundtrack’ competition were revealed and more traditional classic pieces by Bizet, Bach and Debussy were also played. The musical climax was the world premiere of Murray Gold’s new song, written especially for the 50th Anniversary, Song For Fifty

The Doctor Who Prom has been filmed by the BBC and will be televised on BBC One in the autumn.

Set List

The Madman With A Box – Murray Gold

I Am The Doctor – Murray Gold (featuring Matt Smith’s speech from The Pandorica Opens)

Carmen (Suite No. 2) – Habenera  - Georges Bizet

The Companions Suite (Rose, Martha, Donna & Amy) – Murray Gold

Cyber Shard – Murray Gold

Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, BMW 565 – Johann Sebastian Bach

The Final Chapter Of Amelia Pond – Murray Gold

The Rings Of Akhaten – Murray Gold


All The Strange, Strange Creatures – Murray Gold

The Impossible Girl – Murray Gold

La Fille aux Chevaux de Lin (The Girl With The Flaxen Hair) – Claude Debussy

‘Classic’ Doctor Who Medley – arr. Mark Ayres

Doctor Who ‘Create A Soundtrack’ Competition Winners
Gabe Stone and Matthew Owen (Seniors)
William Davenport and Jordan Picken (Juniors)

First There Were Daleks – Murray Gold

The Name Of The Doctor – Murray Gold

WORLD PREMIERE Song For Fifty – Murray Gold

Vale Decem - Murray Gold

The Doctor Who Theme – Ron Grainer

Watch some clips from the Prom below, courtesy of the BBC