Olivia Colman Admits She's Signed Up For Broadchurch 2

Olivia Colman has confessed that she has signed up for Broadchurch  series 2 - or at least she thinks she has. However, she can't confirm whether Ellie Miller will be appearing in the new episodes.

Talking to Digital Spy about her new Channel 4 series Run, a series of four interconnected urban dramas, she responded to the question of whether she had signed up to Broadchurch 2 by saying,

"Yes. I think so. I think everyone knows that. Right? Yes. I've said yes anyway. They might not write me in it."

She couldn't say too much about the direction that the new series would go in, nor could she confirm when production would start, as creator Chris Chibnall is still working on the scripts. "I know bits about it. It's good. I imagine he'll take a year to write it, so I'm guessing it's quite a long way off. He's got the idea, but it will be a while before we start filming I think." she said.

So far there has been no confirmation of which of the original cast of Broadchurch, including David Tennant and Arthur Darvill, might be returning.

Watch Olivia Colman in Run, which co-stars Katie Leung, Jaime Winstone, Lennie James, Benedict Wong and Marcin Dorocinski, on Channel 4 from Monday 15th July at 10pm, continuing at the same time over the following three nights. Find out more about the series here

The first series of Broadchurch comes to ABC1 in Australia this Friday at 8.30pm. It premieres on Showcase Canada on August 4th and on BBC America on August 7th. TVONE in New Zealand will show the series early next year.