Chris Chibnall Has Written Opening And Closing Scenes Of Broadchurch 2

Chris Chibnall has confirmed that he has begun work on the second series of Broadchurch although it is still not clear which of the first series cast will be returning.

Talking to the Mirror's Nicola Methven last night at the Freesat Awards where Broadchurch won the Best Of British TV Programme Series or Programme category, Chris said, “I've written the first scene and the last scene. So I know how it starts and how it ends. Now I just need to fill in the eight hours in between.”

Details of the first series were shrouded in secrecy and the second series seems to be following in the same tradition; it is not yet known which of the cast, including David Tennant, will be returning. 

Joe Sims (Nige Carter) said, “We're all just hoping we're in it and keeping our fingers crossed. But we haven't been told.”

Earlier this week, Olivia Colman said that she had agreed to appear in the second series if required. "I think everyone knows that. Right? Yes. I've said yes anyway. They might not write me in it." she told Digital Spy.

Production is expected to begin on series 2 of Broadchurch early next year

Source: The Mirror