Broadchurch's Olivia Colman - "David Tennant is the nicest man"

Broadchurch actress Olivia Colman is interviewed in the new issue of Woman's Weekly (23rd July) which is out now.
In the interview she talks about working with David Tennant on the hit drama saying:
"David Tennant is the nicest man - funny and enthusiastic in equal measure. We had this game where he would race me to set every day, and he nearly always won. I'd be sitting in my trailer eating a slice of toast and I'd hear "See you on set!" as he ran past my door!"

She also says she's glad she didn't miss out on the role of Ellie:
"My wine intake increased when I filmed Broadchurch in Dorset and Bristol. The thought of being apart from my husband, Ed, and our sons, Hal and Finn, for large chunks of a four month period - the longest I had been aprt from any of them - made me unhappy. But I didn't seriously think about turning down the role of Ellie Miller, because I thought the scripts were just amazing. Imagine if I'd said no and Id missed out on Broadchurch!"

Broadchurch is currently airing on ABC1 on Fridays in Australia.
It premieres on Showcase in Canada on 4th August and on BBC America in the USA on 7th August.

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