PREVIEW: Fish Hooks Guest Starring David Tennant

Tomorrow night sees the premiere of the brand new episode of Fish Hooks on the Disney Channel in the USA. Episode 3 of Season 3, Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl sees David Tennant guest starring as Oscar's brain.

Fish Hooks - Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl

“We’ve got to let that go and make the best of what we’ve got. And what we’ve got is good looks and charm”

After hearing ‘their’ song on the radio, Oscar asks Bea to the Chicki Fromage concert at the Hamsterwood Bowl. But what he thinks will be an intimate date is gatecrashed by all of their friends

As he resigns himself to the possibility that the date is ruined, his Brain steps in – a rather shouty brain with the voice of David Tennant – urging him to make the best of what they have.

Will Oscar win Bea over? Will he listen to his brain? And will he and Bea be together when Chicki performs their song?

Find out on Friday 21st June at 9/8c on the Disney Channel

View the episode trailer here: