Meeting David Tennant - A Fan Account

Lucky fan Megan Watt was able to watch some of the filming of David Tennant's new film What We Did On Our Holiday earlier this week, and got to meet the man himself after filming on Tuesday. 

Megan (second left, next to David) told us:

"He is lovely! He was very nice to everyone and even though the crew were trying to get him off the set to leave, he stayed until everyone had a picture/something signed!

"He was very polite to people who had been waiting and made time for everyone"

View some of Megan's pictures here:

What We Did On Our Holiday stars David Tennant and Rosamund Pike as married couple Doug and Abi who, on the verge of divorce, take a chaotic family holiday in Scotland to celebrate a family member's birthday.

Many thanks to Megan (aka @TardisHolmes on Twitter) for sharing her photos!