Joanna Page Talks Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Actress Joanna Page has revealed that she didn't even have to audition for her role alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith  in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. 
Talking to the Radio Times website she said; "I've wanted to be in Doctor Who for ages, they just phoned and said 'Will you be in it?' and I said 'Oh my God! Yes definitely'".
She admitted to being a little nervous when she first turned up on set saying:
"It was so much fun getting to act with the different Doctors but it was quite scary and intimidating at first." 
Joanna says she loved working with John Hurt who will also star in the Special:
"He is so much fun. He's got the most amazing stories, he's just fantastic. And you see him on set and he's got that amazing voice and he doesn't do anything - he just starts saying the lines and you're like, 'Oh my god, you are the best actor I've ever seen.'"
And the actress is careful not to reveal any of the closely guarded secrets of the episode adding:
"What's scary is your script arrives and on every single page it says 'Joanna Page' over it so you know that if you leave it on the tube or if you've forwarded it to someone, you are in the s**t. So doing interviews I was like, 'Don't say anything. Make sure you don't reveal anything.'" 

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