Earthflight Begins Repeat Run On BBC One Today

The David Tennant narrated nature series Earthflight begins a repeat run on BBC One at 5.35pm today.

The spectacular BBC One natural history series captures some of the worlds greatest wildlife phenomena and natural wonders through the eyes of birds. Amazing sights from six continents are revealed in a whole new light as the six-part series joins the journeys of snow geese, cranes, flamingos, pelicans, eagles and other birds. Using cutting edge new filming techniques to show everything in exquisite detail, viewers have a uniquely privileged perspective flying with cranes high over the waterways of Venice or skimming with the bald eagle over the edge of the spectacular Grand Canyon. Earthflight unlocks the secrets of the skies, showing the world in a new and inspiring way. 

The first episode to be repeated focuses on North America. View a clip below: