Doctor Who Figurine Collection To Launch In September

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection magazine series looks to be launching nationwide in September. The magazine, so far available only in certain test areas, explores the 50 year history of the show via focus on a single character per issue. Each fortnightly issue will include a specially created 1:21 scale figurine and the collection will feature the series’ greatest monsters, all 11 Doctors and the most important Daleks and Cybermen from every era.

The first issue will be available at a special price of £2.99, rising to £6.99 for subsequent issues. 

BBC Doctor Who Figurine Collection

Celebrate a half century of the BBC's hit series Doctor Who with a brand new magazine and figurine series that covers 50 years of Doctor Who history, including every Doctor and all the greatest monsters from Daleks to Weeping Angels. Every figurine is 1:21 scale, with an average height of 85mm. The magazine tells you all about your character and the history of Doctor Who. The first issue features the Eleventh Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens' at the special introductory price of £2.99! Then continue your collection in issue #2 with Davros from 'The Stolen Earth', in issue #3 with the Cyber Controller from the 'Rise Of The Cybermen'/'Age Of Steel'; and in issue #4 with the Weeping Angel (Angry) from 'Time of Angels'/'Flesh & Stone'.

More details to follow.