David Tennant Tops YouGov Favourite Doctor Poll

David Tennant emerged as a clear winner in a poll of Doctor Who fans conducted this week by UK based market research agency YouGov to determine the nation's favourite Doctor.

Of an initial sample of 1974 that were approached, 68% claimed that they were not at all or not very interested in the show. The 633 who professed to be interested in Doctor Who were asked the follow up question "Which of the following is your favourite Doctor Who?" David Tennant (43%) easily topped the poll, way ahead even of perpetual fan favourite Tom Baker (16%), while the current Doctor Matt Smith came in at third with 14%. At the other end of the table, Paul McGann polled less than 1% of votes


(Name and % of votes)

David Tennant
Tom Baker
Matt Smith
Christopher Eccleston
Jon Pertwee
Patrick Troughton
William Hartnell
Peter Davison
Sylvester McCoy
Colin Baker
Paul McGann
Don't know

David Tennant held his lead over all sub-groups within the polling sample.Not surprisingly, Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston were more popular than Tom Baker and other classic Doctors in the younger age bands, and David Tennant was the most popular choice among female participants. Regionally, more voters in Wales and the Midlands preferred David to any other area.

Somewhat worryingly for the famously Labour Party-supporting David, he was the top choice of Doctor among Conservative voters.

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David Tennant will be returning to the role of the Tenth Doctor for the 50th Anniversary special alongside Matt Smith and John Hurt, whose place in the regenerative history of the character has yet to be fully explained.Matt Smith recently announced that he will be stepping down from the role at Christmas. The hunt for the Twelfth Doctor is currently underway.