Dave Filoni Thanks David Tennant For His Emmy Win

Dave Filoni, the supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has posted thanks and congratulations to David Tennant on his Daytime Emmy Awards win last night. David was named Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for his performance as Professor Huyang.

The director said via his Facebook page:

"I am very excited to report that David Tennant has won an Emmy for his portrayal of Huyang in Clone Wars.

"David is a lifelong Star Wars fan and he has definately made an indellible mark on the Star Wars universe that generations of fans will enjoy for years to come. Thank you David, the Force is strong with you."

David played Professor Huyang in a Season 5 story arc that followed a group of Jedi younglings who come under attack from space pirates. Huyang is an ancient droid loyal to the Jedi who carries information about every lightsabre ever constructed in his data banks, and who is charged with surpervising the trainees as they build their own weapons. 

Filoni has said that he was inspired to cast David in the role after watching Doctor Who:

"I just thought David Tennant’s performance was just fantastic. I loved that whole arc with him and Rose, and I just thought that was great. I’d heard reports that he was a pretty big Star Wars fan himself, and so I thought, “Well, this will be a great merging of the fan world if I could get him interested in this.” I only like to offer those roles if it’s going to be a really good role, and I thought Huyang was going to be a really interesting robot. I was basing him on a lot of old Ralph McQuarrie designs for robots and droids. Luckily, we tracked David down, and he was gracious enough to take the role. It was fantastic just getting to talk with him and his enthusiasm for the project, so I just really appreciated it. And you know, he just nailed it. George even really loved the tandem of him and Artoo. I thought that they were a great match."