Catherine Tate Talks About David Tennant And Doctor Who At Return To The 11th Hour Today

Catherine Tate has been talking about the times she spent playing Donna Noble alongside David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. She was speaking today at a Q&A session at the Starfury fan convention Return To The Eleventh Hour in Birmingham earlier today. Catherine joined the world of Doctor Who for the 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride and returned for a full series in 2008.

Catherine told fans earlier in the day that David Tennant had been the one to persuade her to take part in today’s event.

Catherine admitted that she didn’t watch Doctor Who as a child but became interested when he learned that David Tennant and Russell T. Davies were involved with the show. She had no idea at the time how much of an impact that Doctor Who would have on her life – she just jumped at the chance of appearing with David.

Catherine says it was a no-brainer about appearing in the Doctor Who Christmas special. She didn't think that Russell T. Davies knew who she was. She couldn't believe it when they asked her back to Doctor Who and once again saying yes was a no-brainer. How Donna came to be bought back she doesn't know but she thought that the crew wanted to develop her and David's relationship. It was known from the outset that Donna would only be in one series.

She says working with David is joyous. “He's really lovely, funny and talented,” she said. She believes David was the perfect Doctor for Donna. However it would have been fun to have worked with Chris Eccleston.

Catherine said that she and David got no direction for the infamous mime scene in Partners In Crime. She was allowed to make it up. She says the scene she found the hardest was Donna’s last moments in the TARDIS at the climax of Journey’s End. However, she would be happy to return to Doctor Who.

Talking about one of her most iconic and notorious comic creations, Catherine said that she thought that Nan would make a good companion to the Doctor. She says Nan's Christmas Carol, which co-starred David Tennant, Ben Miller and Mathew Horne, was a particular favourite of hers. Another favourite was the Lauren sketch with David.

After David Tennant, Matt Smith is Catherine’s favourite Doctor. She said he has been brilliant and it was no meant feat taking over from David. Catherine doesn't think she would be able to wind Matt’s Doctor up like she did to David's!

Her favourite companion is Sarah Jane Smith. She says Elisabeth was a beautiful person and a joy to work with, and was so modest. She also spoke fondly of Bernard Cribbins, whom she described as an extraordinary man and so delightful and imaginative. She admitted that she loves him very much.

Of her other work, Catherine says that theatre is her first love as that is what she did first. Of her recent TV work, she told how the cast of The US Office were amazing and lovely people who gave her such confidence to join the show.

Catherine also gave her advice to aspiring actors. “Don't be late because it really annoys people,” she said, adding, “Be nice to everyone.”

Catherine received a standing ovation at the end of her talk.

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