Casanova Released On DVD In Germany On 15th July

David Tennant's 2005 drama Casanova will be released on DVD in Germany on 15th July.
You can view a trailer for the DVD here. It is dubbed in German.

As an elderly librarian, Giacomo Casanova (played by the iconic Peter O'Toole), has a lot of exciting memories. A young servant girl, Edith (Rose Byrne), is treated to his lurid recollections and, before too long, she discovers that there's life in this old dog yet. It's enough to burst her bodice!
But this is nothing compared to the escapades of the young, hot and horny master of seduction. The youthful Casanova (cheekily portrayed by David Tennant) cuts a swathe through the women of Europe with his dashing good looks and irrepressible confidence.
But though the laydeez offer their full approval (usually expressed horizontally), the law is outraged by his antics. Made an outlaw for offences against government and church, Casanova leads the life of a fugitive.

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The series is already out on DVD in the UK and the USA and can be purchased at the links below:
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USA Fans buy the DVD