BBC Deny Doctor Who Casting Announcement

The BBC have been quick to pour cold water on the mounting excitement that the identity of the Twelfth Doctor would be announced later today. SciFi magazine Starburst posted yesterday:

"Sources have indicated that a Sunday newspaper is intending to scoop the BBC by announcing the name of the new Doctor this weekend. And in order to pre-empt the scoop, the BBC look set to announce the name tomorrow evening"

They even went as far as proposing three names - Domhnall Gleeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Dominic Cooper - that they had been told were the current top three most likely candidates.

However, the BBC Tweeted this morning:

@BBCOne: @bbcdoctorwho fans, contrary to rumours there is no #DoctorWho casting announcement today.

@bbcdoctorwho: We can confirm there is no #DoctorWho announcement planned for today.

Also,the TV producer and director Ed Stradling tweeted:

@edstradling: Steven Moffat says this morning "I haven't a clue who it is, we've barely started." So no#doctorwho announcement this evening I fear!

He also added:

On the #doctorwho casting, remember inspiration can come from anywhere. In 2008 Steven wanted a 40+ actor to replace David Tennant ...
 then Matt Smith auditioned for Dr Watson in Sherlock. He was wrong for Watson but perfect for DW, so he cast him anyway despite his age

Speculation continues over who will be Matt Smith's replacement. However, Ben Daniels has emerged as a clear favourite according to the UK's bookmakers:

Ben Daniels 2/1
David Harewood 7/2
Rory Kinnear 5/1

David Tennant 20/1

Ben Daniels 15/8
Domhnall Gleeson 2/1
Chris Addison 3/1

David Tennant 66/1

William Hill
Ben Daniels 2/1
Chris Addison 3/1
Chiwetel Ejiofor 12/1

David Tennant 50/1