Author David Nobbs Wanted David Tennant To Play Reggie Perrin

Reggie Perrin creator David Nobbs has revealed that he would have liked David Tennant to play the lead in a revived version of the classic 70s comedy, The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin. 
The original version of the show starred Rising Damp star Leonard Rossiter, the 2009 revamped version saw Doc Martin's Martin Clunes step in to the role, but whilst the original series was a huge hit the revival didn't seem to attract audiences attentions as much and Nobbs thinks that with David Tennant at the helm things may have been different. Talking to News Shopper he said:
“It wasn’t a failure but equally it wasn’t a success.
“I now think Martin was wrong for the role. He’s a lovely actor but he’s too likeable. You can’t believe he’s going off his rocker to be honest.
“The person I wanted was David Tennant. He was very off-the-wall, you can imagine him being rude to people.” 

The original 70s version of the show was actually filmed in a location that will be familiar to many of us as it was the same location used in David Tennant's recent ITV drama Broadchurch - West Bay in Dorset.

You can read the full interview here.