VIDEO: Olivia Colman Impersonates David Tennant

Olivia Colman was interviewed by Boyd Hilton and Lucie Cave of Heat Magazine on British Academy television Awards red carpet on Sunday evening and revealed her latest talent – impersonating her Broadchurch co-star David Tennant

She first pondered whether Broadchurch itself would be in line for a BAFTA next year

“Well, at least the writer,” she said. “I hope Chris Chibnall gets it because he’s done a beautiful thing”

She also admitted to being amazed at the massive phenomenon that the ITV crime drama became: “It’s great and it deserves everyone to love it but is was quite surprising”

She also revealed that she would try to drag David out for a drink after a long day on set.

“Poor David!” she laughed, “He just wanted to go home for a nice cup of tea and I’d go ‘Oh, come and have a drink! Have a gin!’ But he was very good ‘No, no, I’ve got a lot to learn tonight’.”

Watch the Heat interview with Olivia here:

Read the full account of the red carpet interview on Heatworld

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