TRANSLATION: David Tennant And Spies Of Warsaw Feature On French Website Télérama

David Tennant's wartime drama Spies Of Warsaw featured on the French entertainment website Télérama. Read a translation below.

Samuel DOUHAIRE - Télérama 3304

David Tennant: The Scot Who Leaves Us Gobsmacked

TV drama - Hamlet - Wizard in Harry Potter ... the BBC star can play anything. After Doctor Who, he restyles his hair to spy in a TV movie on Arte.

The hero of the drama Spies Of Warsaw is a fake diplomat and in truth a secret agent who, in the late 1930s, who crosses the borders of Central Europe in search of confidential information on the weapons of the Third Reich. Galant, smooth talker and an (almost) effortless charmer, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier is all French lover. Except that he is played by an actor who is 100% Scottish.

Little known in France, David Tennant is a star of the BBC. His fame is primarily due to one character: Doctor Who, the strange alien who travels back in time aboard a phone booth, of whom he was the tenth incarnation between 2006 and 2010. In this cult British television series, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the autumn, this lanky man with his chiselled face was the archetype of cool, trailers on his feet and perpetually messed up hair. We find him much less casual (and better groomed) in Spies of Warsaw, where, in his own words, his character is a "chevalier" of noble bearing. Such a change of register is habitual to this member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, who is as comfortable on stage (the Guardian named him "best Hamlet of his generation") as playing an evil wizard in Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. Because, to endure, this young forty-something is convinced an actor must "surprise the audience, but also surprise himself”.

Many thanks to Suzanne Forté for forwarding this to us