The Politician's Husband: Today's TV Picks

The Politician's Husband concludes tonight on BBC Two at 9pm. Metro, The Times and the Radio Times all list the drama starring David Tennant and Emily Watson, among their TV recommendations of the day:

Battling politicos Aiden and Freya (David Tennant and Emily Watson) are up to their paranoid egos in double crosses, second guesses and half-baked intentions as this political melodrama boils to a climax. This is a world where toxic pacts trump personal principles every time, so when Aiden hatches a cunning plan to sink the PM – good and proper this time – can he safely assume that darling wife Freya and back-stabbing Babbish will play true to type? Or will they surprise him yet again?

Radio Times
Alison Graham

The MPs in Paula Milne’s self-satisfied drama are a funny lot, cheering glib speeches as if they are the finest examples of oratory. Shifty Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant) has a big moment in the Commons with an unexceptional rant about the horridness of politicians. But Hoynes has turned into both Iago and Othello as he gnaws on suspicions about his wife Freya’s (Emily Watson) fidelity, while making plans to trap her in her supposed wrongdoing.

This final episode is oddly unsatisfying, with some awful dialogue (“The Sun, it seems, still rises,” says Aiden of a tabloid stitch-up). So thank heavens for the cast, who’ve given their all.

The Times
David Chater
Paula Milne’s Shakespearean tale of ambition, revenge and sexual politics ends tonight. Regardless of who loses and who wins, the one absolute certainty is that the series will continue to reflect the public’s jaundiced attitude towards politicians in general. The politician’s husband (David Tennant) does stand up in the House of Commons to deliver a tirade against MPs’ broken promises — cash-for-questions, cash-for-influence, the dodgy dossiers, the expenses scandal and the toxic pacts with the press — only we know by now that he is the most cynical and self-serving of the lot. “All that Gothic elegance hides such rancid, base instincts,” says the Minister (Ed Stoppard).

The acclaimed three-part drama by Paula Milne follows  the consequences for a political marriage when the career of the wife starts to eclipse that of her hitherto more successful husband. The DVD will be released on Monday 13th May - pre-order your copy here