The Politician's Husband Producer Hal Vogel On What Attracted David Tennant To The Drama

Hal Vogel, the producer of David Tennant's latest drama The Politician's Husband, has be chatting to On The Box about the show.

During the interview he talks about how David Tennant and Emily Watson became involved in the project:
"They came in very early and both responded really well to Paula’s writing. Her work is so unique and brilliant if you look at it as pieces of writing, so they really responded to that, but had different reasons for signing on.
David was drawn to the idea of a character that wasn’t a friendly face that we’re used to seeing. This is a more darker, grown up, complex figure. He’s not particularly likable and does a lot of bad things throughout the story.
For an actor, that’s always interesting and allows him to explore dimensions of his rage which he isn’t usually able to do on TV. I think that’s what really drew him to the script and in a way it allowed him to play a very unlikeable political figure.

Emily I think quite mischievously loved the idea of playing a woman who finds her ambition and begins to relish it and starts becoming the dominant figure in the home. That for her was an exciting role to play. It’s a really modern part and really speaks for our time.
The thing I get watching it is that they are a really believable couple played by phenomenal actors who are very classy and bought stuff to the role. I feel that you’re watching a real married couple, going through the swings and roundabouts as they unravel throughout the rest of the series."