The Politician's Husband: A Preview Of Episode Three

Episode two of The Politician’s Husband left former cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant) even further adrift from the levels of power and influence that he had previously enjoyed before his ill-judged resignation and leadership bid. Not only that, he has to endure the increasing popularity of his wife and fellow MP Freya (Emily Watson) and has more than a sneaking suspicion that the growing closeness between Freya and his former best friend, turned political rival, Bruce Babbish (Ed Stoppard) may not just be on a professional level.

Following his brutality towards Freya, Aiden tries a different tack; inspired by their recent magazine feature as the golden political married couple he starts to play the perfect husband, but it is all a ploy to trap Freya back into parenthood. So far, so good, until nanny Dita (Anamaria Marinca) drops her bombshell and the greedy tabloids pounce. It's a devastating blow for an already troubled family, particularly the vulnerable Noah.

Aiden is as slippery as a snake as he attempts to extricate himself from this latest ambush which forces him even lower in the eyes of the public and his political colleagues. But as it seems all is lost, he seizes upon an opportunity to turn things back to his advantage and to wreak his revenge on those who have back-stabbed him on their own climb to the top. It’s an episode full of paranoia and suspicion and twists and turns as Aiden desperately attempts to keep one step ahead of those who would quite happily see his political career and leadership ambitions relegated to an unfortunate footnote in Parliamentary history. There is not much to like in any of the characters in this drama, leaving the viewer doubting that they would be happy to have any of them representing their interests or holding such positions of power.

So who will end up top in this convoluted power struggle? Will Aiden regain his reputation and position? Will the duplicitous Bruce get his comeuppance? And will Aiden and Freya's fractured marriage survive the latest revelations and disruptions?

To find out watch the concluding episode of The Politician's Husband on BBC Two tonight from 9pm

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