The Politician's Husband Pays Homage To The West Wing

It probably won't have escaped your notice that some of the names of the characters in David Tennant's latest drama have seemed a little familiar. And now The Politician's Husband creator Paula Milne has revealed that she did indeed name her lead characters after key players in The West Wing..
Speaking to The London Evening Standard Milne says:
“I couldn’t resist sneaking in The West Wing surnames, partly as a homage to a truly great show but also perhaps out of a sense of irony.”

David Tennant’s Aiden Hoynes is named after West Wing’s vice-president John Hoynes, his wife Freya Gardner, played by Emily Watson, after women’s rights activist Amy Gardner, Ed Stoppard’s Bruce Babbish is named after White House counsel Oliver Babish, while Roger Allam’s chief whip Marcus Brock pays tribute to West Wing’s political journalist Greg Brock.

David Tennant is of course another big fan of The West Wing and recently told Collider he would have loved to have starred in the show:
"The West Wing is finished now. That's the one that I would have loved to have been part of. I'd love to work with Aaron Sorkin on something. Just the way he writes, he has no fear in writing people that are fiercely intelligent, and I love that.
I love the speed of his stuff, and the way people free-associate and interact. That kind of writing is very exciting. To have someone who's got a strong individual voice that is allowed to be heard is quite increasingly rare."