Nominate Headway Essex As Part Of Sainsbury's Local Charity Appeal

Headway Essex, the brain injury charity supported by David Tennant, would appreciate your help in nominating them for the Sainsbury's Local Charity appeal.

David was first introduced to everyone at Headway Essex whilst researching his role in the BBC drama Recovery.
Joanna Wright the director of Headway Essex says:
"David spent time at our Day Centre researching the leading role in the BBC drama "Recovery". We were thrilled when he agreed to be patron of Headway Essex, and we are doubly thrilled that he has undergone writer’s cramp to personally sign greeting cards which we can sell to raise much needed funds to help us provide care and support for people with brain injury and those who care for them."
David says:
"I am absolutely delighted to be able to help Headway raise the profile of brain injury. While researching my role in Recovery, I spent time at Headway Essex where I observed some of the group sessions as well as chatting to some of the members. It was a truly humbling experience. There was so much hope, humour and positivity, mixed with occasional anger and sadness.
"It was a very powerful experience, seeing first-hand the effects brain injuries can have on people. It made me realise just how lucky I am and brings fresh meaning to the phrase 'there but for the grace of God go I'. Headway is a wonderful organisation and one I am only too happy to help."

You only have until tomorrow to make you nominations, so be quick! 
Nominations can also be made in store.

Don't forget that you can still help Headway Essex by purchasing a card signed by David Tennant via their shop here.