Jodie Whittaker On Broadchurch Secrets: I Begged Chris Chibnall To Tell Me

Jodie Whittaker was so desperate to find out whether her character in Broadchurch would turn out to be the murderer that she begged series writer and executive producer to tell her the truth. Jodie, who plays grieving mother Beth Latimer, felt that it would be too much to play a bereaved parent and a killer.

Spoilers below

Talking to Huffington Post she told how the cast would try to guess the killer's identity, which Chibnall was determined to keep from them:  
"There was a fantastic energy between us, we'd all laugh. There'd been a line about the murderer having big hands, so we all started comparing our hands. Even the culprit didn't know. He kept us all guessing.

"Eventually I took Chris to one side and begged him to tell me. And eventually, he said, 'It's not you, it's not David (Tennant), it's not Olivia (Colman), because that would have been too big for the audience. So he let me off the hook."

She also said that the long, tiring shoot affected them all:
"David and Olivia were in every scene, so they were exhausted. For Andy (Buchan, who played Beth's husband Mark) and me, it was emotional and upsetting, too. But everyone understood. I definitely noticed by the end of filming in December just how tired we all were."

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