Hamish Glen On Casting A Young David Tennant

Hamish Glen, the Artistic Director and Chief Executive at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry has recalled casting David Tennant in his first production at the Dundee Rep in 1992 when he served as Artistic Director at the theatre. He said,

He said: “I taught David Tennant at college. He was studying at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.
"I was Michael Boyd’s associate at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre and at the time got invited as a guest lecturer.
“I gave David his first professional job at Dundee rep. David was in my very first show there. It was Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? And he was very good in it. Look at him now – he’s a superstar.”

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David's first professional theatre work was with the Scottish touring company 7:84 alongside Extras  and Ugly Betty star Ashley Jensen who will soon be seen as his co-star in new BBC drama The Escape Artist.