Fan Reaction: The Politician's Husband Episode 3

On 9th May the final episode of The Politician's Husband aired on BBC2.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

Aiden has to defend himself in an embarrassing sex scandal that threatens to derail any chance of a political comeback and further threatens his marriage.
As he wrestles both back from the brink, he discovers Freya has been less than honest about her whereabouts and the time she is spending with Bruce. In a gripping finale that sees him plot a brilliant comeback as well as Bruce's downfall (and his wife's), Aiden gambles everything with a shocking and surprising outcome.

A Selection Of Your Comments:
  • Adam Jauffur Unexpected yet brilliant!
  • Rebecca Keenan I guessed the ending....but I was satisfied...karma won in the end.
  • Diane Cullimore Excellent acting.Thought it finished a bit abruptly but enjoyed it very much.
  • Nathan Mark Taylor To quote The Doctor it was "brilliant"
  • Diane Bloom Was a bit rushed at the end....lots of gaps to fill
  • Kay Douglas Guessed the ending but fabulous and so cold.
  • Janet Polkinghorne Gutted when his dad died and the wee lad thought he was joking! The writing hit spot on with autism as a side story. So well written and played out!
  • Julia Dickmann Nicely ambiguous I thought. Brilliant acting from David and Emily.
  • Christine Trowbridge what got me most was the kid with asperger's - I thought he did amazing. I have a daughter with that & know how difficult it is to be a mom of a child with it. honestly I think there could've been a bit less scenes in the bedroom. loved the ending - didnt expect it to end like that. if this comes to America, I'll definitely watch it all over again! 
  • Debra Richards WOW, what an ending. Did not see that coming. Brilliant acting from David Tennant as always. But have to say the cast as a whole were exceptional. Well done to all concerned. Very entertaining. Certainly left ME wondering!!!
  • Diane Will Felt it was a bit rushed but enjoyed it well enough. Why did his dad have to die though. Well acted throughout.
  • Angharad Williams I think it was Aidan got just desserts at the end. Tennant was, as always, amazing and Emily Watson was great too!
  • Kimberley Bonham Brilliant; It was freaky but enjoyable, Would never have predicted Tennant in a role like this, he played it brilliantly!!!
  • Jon Sadler David is a brilliant actor it was great every drama he does just keeps getting and better
  • Amanda Webb Found myself rooting for Aiden even though he was so deceptive! Loved the twist at the end, here's hoping they make another series!
  • Adrian Willis I watched all three hours tonight, it was compelling... The twists and turns in the plot were great... And the final one was brilliant...
  • Caroline Howard-Spitzer I really enjoyed it, and the cast portrayed the characters brilliantly. I found it quite dark, especially Aiden, Freya and Bruce's ambition!
  • Jordanne Waite absolutly amazing!! even though it made me cry at the end when Aidens dad died.!
  • Christine Gaylor I thought the ending was a great twist which was caused by Aiden being just too clever in his dealings with Bruce but leaving a spoiled piece of paper for his wife to find. A great series with brilliant acting from all concerned.
  • Sue Ellis It was a sad, bitter sweet ending. Quite abrupt. I was bit upset when the Grandfather died. Good series. Congratulations to all x
  • James Macdonald i thought the end was great did not see that coming , loved it all
  • Bob Claire Jones I absolutely loved every second of it. Shows the grime of politics today, shows the grime of life today. Really connected with the characters, loved the twist, hated the death, loved the symbolism. Masterfully written, crafted and acted. 10/10
  • Jill Pitt One of the best TV depictions of the deadly seduction of power. Aiden got what he deserved. Freya - the ultimate revenge. BAFTAs for Tennant and Watson.
  • Mark Chivers Great acting but still difficult to accept DT as someone so nasty & amoral.
  • Julie Abraham Filewich A gripping drama and another flawless performance from DT. He never disappoints! He's such a well-rounded actor and can be a glowing good guy or a malicious bad guy. You can't get better than him!
  • Sara Johnston Depressingly plausible. Excellent acting and Noah was amazing x
  • Cynthia Vela What can i say that i haven't said before? Brilliant series, brilliant acting, brilliant writing. That speech Aiden gives in the debate was amazing and i found the whole drama interesting, gripping, inrecibly realistic and compelling. David deserves all the awards. I wouldn't be surprised if he competes against himself for a BAFTA ( for Broadchurch and The Politician's husband ). Bravo David!  I'm incredibly proud to call myself your fan.
  • Sarah Eaton Pretty surprise ending... And even though he was supposed to be vindictive, I still was rooting for tennants character right until the very end... And then his dad died... So sad... brilliant acting though by all who took part and I cried when the kid gave him his toy... Not how I expected it to end but overall, I very much enjoyed the series! 
  • Jessy Fre OMG! Brilliant! last night's episode was the best! David and Emily were simpley fantastic. Next time in Downing street? 
  • Louise Hatch Loved it, great twist. David plays a good bad guy. Emily Watson brilliant. Noah giving his dad his toy tear jerker. More!!!
  • Pam Fleming Nah, I've been a DT fan since WAY before Dr Who, and this didn't do it for me. The acting was great from DT, Emily Watson and Jack Shepherd, but I thought the writing stank. The pacing was all wrong for a 3 part drama - not enough tension and too many stories left hanging or going nowhere, like the nanny's accusations and all the things Noah saw and heard. I was bored by part 2, nearly didn't bother with part 3, and I saw the ending coming a mile away. But then, I didn't like Spies of Warsaw either.
  • Jessica Page Grevenstuk I thought it was a well played out episode and the ending was brilliant. Exactly how it should have ended! I enjoyed every minute, and hope that they do a follow up mini-series. I would love to see David and Emma again in the roles. 
  • Georgie Lawson It lost me at the rape scene.
  • Lauren Ha Fantastic multi layered storytelling, it was VERY Shakespearean with a cast of flawless actors. Every single character was superb! Emily Watson & David Tennant were perfect. The boy who played their son is an amazing actor! For a child actor to understand & pull off aspergers to that degree was incredible, stunningly performed.
  • Roslyn Lindsay Absolutely loved it and have to say that Aiden got what he deserved.
  • Catherine Dalgarno Brillant acting from all,a fantastic drama .Although I guessed the end .