Fan Reaction: The Politician's Husband Episode 1

On 25th April the first episode of The Politician's Husband aired on BBC2.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

Aiden and Freya Hoynes are the golden couple of British politics. Aiden resigns from cabinet in a failed leadership bid thwarted by his best friend Bruce Babbish. In the cabinet reshuffle Freya is appointed to Cabinet, while Aiden returns to the back benches and a life of political obscurity. Finally out of her husband's shadow, Freya is forced to choose between her own career ambitions and publicly supporting her husband

A selection of your comments:

  • Morgan-Ross Inwood Thoroughly enjoyed it. David's character reminded me of Mandleson during that scene when being a strategist for the Mrs who will probably end up in a leadership challenge with Roger's character.
  • Lauric Groult That was a very nice episode. David Tennant as Aiden Hoynes was utterly brilliant, a nice mix between Doctor Who and Broadchurch. I think the next episodes are going to show a showdown at different levels: Aiden vs. his wife, Aiden vs. the Government. Emily Watson really impersonated the character of the wife who changed tack, putting the emphasis on his husband's multi-faceted personality. The latter is a very complex character who struggles to find his right place in a world he no longer belongs to. Can't wait to see the next episode!!
  • Richard Harvey Very clever, I really like it 
  • Natalie Justice Can't wait to see the rest, very good. Well done
  • Gabrielle Lawless Willets Very good, nicely done, enjoy the slower home parts leading us to fast government scenes. Noah's character will be very important and loved how Freya warned Bruce off the subject.
  • Melinda Verrall Great chemistry between all the actors builds some serious tension and anticipation...
  • Helen McClure Brilliant....can't wait for next one....great partnership there too x
  • Chantal Smith Another fantastic performance from David Tennant. An incredible actor - no two characters he plays are even similar to one another. Loving seeing him playing a darker character.
  • Jordanne Waite it was good... i didnt get some of it but ive recorded it so i will hopefully understand...and fab acting skill from David as always!!
  • Jessy Fre Wow! This was amazing! very different to what I'm used to seeing from David, but just marvelous!! Loved it!
  • Elizabeth Mellin Not as good as broadchurch, but I ll keep watching probably to early to tell
  • Michelle Gregor David and emily brilliant together a gripping drama
  • Jean Swfc Hill Wonderful cant wait for next week !!!
  • Morag Towndrow Aidan isn't likeable, but it was soon clear that he is tremendously complex, as you'd expect if DT has taken the role and I suspect we'll come to empathise more with him. I struggle when he's using an english accent, but it does give him a 'spiv' quality. Emily Watson strong and a good supporting cast. Very promising indeed. Fave "quote" -the removal of her shoes "Too Teresa May" to be replaced by frumpy ones. everyone knows women dress from the shoes up ... undermining and defining her?
  • Jennie Louise Foran Brilliant, tennant as always amazing
  • Joanne Southern Loved it, love politics and to have David star in a drama about politics is a win win situation for moi! x
  • Freya Garden love the character names - quite happy sharing my name with David Tennant's fictional wife!! 
  • Amanda Canup "From power house to house husband"... and that house husband is about to explode. This isn't going to be pretty.
  • Sue Eden Palin Awesome. Great performances, good writing and avoided too many cliches.
  • Niki Rosenbaum Very very good. Solid performances all round, DT and Emily Watson were great together and it's always good to see Roger Allam!
  • Suzanne Johnston Scrarily true to life. Shows politicians as greedy for power, ambitious, duplicitous. Very out of touch with those who voted them in. David Tennant brilliant as ever, but I liked him better in Broadchurch (so far).
  • Mark Smith Never heard of a private office team clap an incoming minister, is that new?
  • Irim Sarwar Brilliant performances from the ensemble cast (though I was thinking, 'He's not Inspector Thursday tonight, Irim, that's SUNDAY,' re: Roger Allam). Fabulous writing - I was pulled into the story immediately and was living it - from the halls of Westminster to the daily caretaking of a child on the autistic spectrum.
    I love the depth of the characters and the emotional authenticity - beautifully nuanced - people and relationships are /always/ complicated, there's always light and dark, so many facets, and those are coming out already, making the emotional reactions (the GENIUS of David Tennant's reaction when he was watching her on telly - and her...squirming through the Paxman-like pushing of that question! Sublime.) and the upcoming unravelling completely believable. Everyone has depth - e.g., the relationships of both husband and wife to Ed Stoppard's character are three-dimensional, there's no 'cardboard'/flat feeling to it. 
    This feels *real* - a brilliant script being played out by actors really living their roles. Can't wait for next week!!
  • Sally Cowling Was unsure of David as a slick clean cut politician at first but think this will be a really good series!
  • Valerie Gurney David was brilliant as ever, looks like she is going to do the nasty on him though ggrr!!
  • Samantha Oneill Cooper loved it, so nice to see DT playing a character with a nasty side for a change
  • Ann Jenkins Great to have Jack Sheppard on the screen too. Brilliant actor
  • Lily Brockmann I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, the subtle hints of Freya seeming to enjoy her quick and "easy" promotion and power rise, can clearly be seen in the PM's house. It is a great comparison to her husband who has gone from top to bottom in a matter of minutes.
    The characters all feel quite real and have defiantly got depth to them. The scripting for each one was fitting and acted out impeccably well, and I feel any one of them could be seen as a real MP in a way.
    I'm also very intrigued to see how Noah and Aidan develop considering the touchy(?) subject of autism/Aspergers. I really felt for Noah as I have a close friend with autism and know how difficult it can be. 
    Looking forward to episode 2! 
  • Helen Woodgate Gripped! He's not so squeaky clean, but great to watch. I think we will have more than a few twists along the way. Echoes of "House of Cards" - roll on next week
  • Erol-antony McKenzie Wasn't sure I was gonna like it even though a big fan of the stars but was won over very quickly by the compelling story and the excellent acting. Clever idea to put it on a Thursday so I feel its almost real followed later by Question Time and This week....
  • Sian Ashley Tait fantastic first episode,but then again david always brings everything to a part, fantastic actor
  • Debra Richards Don't like the wife. Just knew she was going to be a back stabbing bitch. David Tennant. Well what can you say? Awesome as always!!! Great start.
  • Gloria Hazell Derby He should have listened to us we could have told him, 'never trust a politician!'
  • Ginger Crawford He just keeps proving me right, doesn't he? Between this and Spies of Warsaw and the blindingly brilliant Broadchurch I feel vindicated in my saying many times that DT is the greatest acting talent to come along since Anthony Hopkins.
  • Hilary Weekes Excellent writing - looking forward to next week
  • Susie Bearne It's a good piece of writing which certainly shows how cutthroat the world of politics can be, and how the 'work / life balance' can be so fragile. I think David tennant and Emily Watson work brilliantly together and it had me in knots in THAT scene when she's on the spot; you just know that it's all about to go irrevocably, horribly wrong. Thought David shepherd was brilliant; something really human and compelling in his performance. Certainly looking forward to the next episode.
  • Andrea Hall Ace!!! I am hooked..
  • Jackie Lister It was brill good 1st episode, think he could do a lot with this part, rilly looking forward to next week. Keep my fix of tennant coming 
  • Annie McAlister-dilks Taut, beautifully and sensitively acted, excellent pairing and also lovely to see Jack Shepherd on the screen after such a long absence. Looking forward to see how it develops. Congratulations everyone.
  • Andrea McCallum Loved it, can't wait for episode two. Who knows, after watching this i may even show an interest in politics for the first time in my life.

The Politician's Husband continues on Thursday 2nd May at 9pm on BBC2.


  1. Absolutely outstanding. This man is one of the most brilliant Scottish actors ever and everything he touches he turns into Platinum.


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