DVD RELEASE: Scream Of The Shalka

Earth has been invaded – and nobody’s noticed.

The 2003 animated Doctor Who adventure Scream Of The Shalka is released on DVD on 16th September 2013. 

Scream Of The Shalka was originally produced as a continuation of the TV series and took the form of six 15-minute episodes released on webcasts on the official BBC Doctor Who website. The adventure stars Richard E Grant (Dr. Simeon, The Great Intelligence) as the Ninth Doctor. David Tennant featured in a minor voice role as the Caretaker, while other cast included Derek Jacobi, here playing the Master, a role he later repeated on TV, and Sophie Okonedo (Liz Ten) voicing Alison Cheney. The subsequent revival of the show in 2005 relegated Scream Of The Shalka to non-canon status. 

The adventure sees the Doctor in a Lancashire village battling a race of underground-dwelling aliens, the Shalka, who are planning to take over the Earth. 

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