UPDATED: David Tennant Talks About Broadchurch Co-Star Olivia Colman

David Tennant has spoken about his Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman and told how she was moved to real tears during the filming of the emotional crime drama last year. Speaking to the Radio Times (previewed in The Times) for a feature on BAFTA nominee Olivia he said:

"Before Broadchurch I'd only worked with Olivia once, on a bone-dry read-through of a brittle sitcom that got binned by bored executives. I'd seen her work for years and she gave the impression of being really sound and straightforward and unpretentious. So when I met her and found she really was those things, it was a massive relief"

He also said that Olivia, “has this ability to be joking between takes and then, when the cameras roll, to be instantly in the heart of the darkness — which is irritatingly perfect from someone as alarmingly down to earth. The one thing she hated about filming Broadchurch was how she found each situation so appalling that she’d genuinely be in floods of tears during scenes. She kept trying to stop, saying, ‘I shouldn't be crying, I'm a police officer’. But it came to represent the part so well."

"We have a similar outlook on life and work, " he added, "Although she's a devil, always trying to get us to go out and get drunk while I'm always keen to get home early and make a cup of tea, so we counteract each other's excess."

On Olivia's double BAFTA nomination (for Accused and Twenty Twelve) David said, "I hope she wins both awards, unless there's a friend of mine I haven't noticed on either list, in which case I'll be appalled - and that's my official statement."

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