Chris Chibnall On Series 2 Of Broadchurch

Earlier this week Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall chatted to Inside Media Track.
He spoke a bit about Series 2 of the drama saying:

"More than anything I feel excited. I feel really excited. I feel it’s a privilege to be able to do more. There’s a story I want to tell, which I’ve wanted to tell right from the start. I would have been gutted if I was unable to tell that story, so I feel really excited and either way I’m just going to go about the second series the same way I went about the first and I’ll be working in the same way, working with the same people behind the scenes. So it’s very much a chance to keep that same process going. Our brief has never been to have ratings or to play for ratings, our brief as has always been to be as bold and creative and as authored as possible, and that belief remains the same. That’s what l’m gonna go with and I’m just gonna have some fun."

Read the full interview with Chris here.

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