Chris Chibnall On The Broadchurch DVD Extras

With the eagerly anticipated release on DVD of Broadchurch just a week away, the creator of the acclaimed series has given a hint about the content of the extra features accompanying the eight episode drama.

Series writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall tweeted earlier today:
"DVD release a week today, includes lovely behind-the-scenes documentary with footage of first readthrough & many nervous faces."

Broadchurch stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman as two police detectives trying to solve the murder of an eleven year old boy in a sleepy Dorset coastal town. The emotional drama unfolds following the effects of the tragedy on the immediate family and on the wider community as Broadchurch is forced under intense scrutiny to give up its secrets. 

The three disc DVD set is released on Monday 20th May: pre-order your copy here