Broadchurch's Joe Sims Talks Series 2 And USA

Broadchurch actor Joe Sims has been chatting to Entertainmentwise following last week's series finale. 
In the interview he talks about his thoughts on Series 2 of the drama and how he thinks America will react when the show comes to BBC America later this year..

What would you like to see when Broadchurch returns?
"I don't know, what was really interesting about the ending of the first series was not everything was tied up in a bow. You really got to see the numbness of Olivia finding out something so abhorrent about someone she loved and the repercussions it had on the family, maybe they'll look into that even further.
"Because we've done irreparable damage to each other, like Andy and Hannah, their characters presented David Tennant with a list of friends who could've killed their son and when you go back and look at it like that the day after the perpetrator has been caught, there's a lot of soul searching to be done and a lot of emotions to be explored."
But what we really want to know is fan favourite Nige going to be coming back?
Like Nigel finds out at the end that his mum is actually his adopted mum and his father is a child molester and killed his biological sister and there's another sister who's still alive and I could imagine they might want to explore that if I was in it.
"I mean what a horrible thing to have to find out, will we see nige trying to seek out his biological family, i really don't know. There's a lot that my character has gone through to explore and if he [Chris Chibnall] wants me back I'll bite his hand off."
Before the second series, Broadchurch is heading across the pond, do you think it'll have the same kind of following as in the UK?
"I don't know if it can have the same kind of impact in the US, as the killer is out there now. But for me I think sometimes it's almost better the second or third time, looking for the signs.
"I hope that's how it'll be taken in the US I think the American public will really like it. we're looking forward to going out there and promoting it I think sometime in July and August.
"It'll be interesting to see how it goes down in the States because obviously the US has an amazing reputation for making quality drama and I think Broadchurch justifiably sits in that pantheon of greats, maybe in twenty years time people will still be looking back on it as a stand alone series because of the way it captured the imagination of the public."