Who Is The Greatest TV Couple Of All Time?

Popwatch on Entertainment Weekly have been running a bracket game to decide who is the greatest TV couple of all time. Along the way the likes of Mulder and Scully, Homer and Marge Simpson and Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory have all fallen by the wayside and the poll is down to its final two couples: The Doctor and Rose vs. Kurt and Blaine from Glee.

Popwatch say:

You know how CBS puts its NCAA basketball tournament to bed each year with a video montage set to “One Shining Moment”? I can’t help but envision the “One Shining Moment” for EW’s Who is the Greatest TV Couple of All Time? bracket game, reminding us of the loves lost during this often ruthless contest. There’s a shot of Sam and Diane getting engaged in court, there’s a clip of Marge getting all Officer and a Gentleman with Homer at the power plant, and there’s Ross in the rain staring at Rachel inside Central Perk. But who will get the final glorious we’re-number-one embrace? Will it be the Doctor and Rose, whose love knows no time or space boundaries in Doctor Who? Or Kurt and Blaine, whose trailblazing romance continues to give hope to those yearning for a happy forever-after on Glee? Both finalists are beloved by the passionate followings of the show and have the online support to prove it.

The polls are open now and will close late on Thursday night, before we crown the Greatest TV Couple of All Time on Friday.

Click here to read the arguments for each couple, view video clips and to cast your all important vote

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  1. David Tennant McGregor and Billie Piper were smashing


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