USA Fan Reaction: Spies Of Warsaw Episode Two

On 10th April the final 90 minute episode of Spies Of Warsaw aired in the USA on BBC America.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

Warsaw 1938; Colonel Jean Fancois Mercier (David Tennant) is a French Military Attache in Warsaw. He is also a spy on a mission, which takes him undercover to Czechoslovakia, on the trail of the elusive ‘Chaika’, a man who can lead him into the heart of the Nazi war machine.

Meanwhile back in Warsaw, Anna Skarbek (Janet Montgomery), his erstwhile mistress, is devastated by news of her ex-lover and political refugee and journalist Maxim Mostov. Heartbroken, she flees to Spainon a League of Nations mission of mercy.

As the Nazi storm clouds gather over Europe, dashing Polish Colonel Antoni Pakulski undertakes his own mission that goes to the heart of protecting the very future of Poland itself.

A selection of fan's thoughts:
  • Cynthia Vela I just love SOW. I love stories about human nature and about how people can fight for what they believe in with such bravery. Incredily well acted and an amazing story. I'm a fan of the book and this adaptation was phenomenal. David, of course, was amazing as always.
  • Kausik Datta Picked up pace, ran the story along nicely; DT was brilliant!
  • Barbara Ellis Kramer David Tennant has never let us down. He is far any away my favorite actor. I have seen everything of his I possibly could (and I live in the US)
  • Karen Marie Truly brilliant!!! David is so amazing!!!
  • Amanda Canup Let's start with the fact that my ear still hurts from the opening scene. Ow!! The scenes at the country house were so fabulous because of the details and the refitting of the train's interior was just too cool. Oh... "and your car is leaking gasoline." - such a James Bond line! You can tell David had fun with the action scenes. Thoroughly enjoyed the series!
  • Tomi Hughes Morris I need to watch it again on the DVD. And I think the end was quite good...not heart racing, but exciting. The train was very cool. I thought the book was rather meh, so I was wondering how they were going to handle it.
  • CJ Roshak Hubby and I watched both episodes together. He was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to Broadchurch, and hope hubby will watch it, too.
  • Ann Murray Williams Amazing - I love this guy - he is so professional and exudes the characters of the people he portrays. I live in Florida and tonight was the second episode of "Spies in Warsaw" . His Doctor Who episodes were AWSOME!!!!!! and as a generation of the 60's Dr Who, I can honestly say although all of them were fantastic, David Tennant IS THE BEST!!!!!!xx
  • Jackie Guarini Broadchurch and Secret Smile were much better than Spies. Tennant was excellent as usual, but the spies story we slow. He's the best Doctor, my Doctor. Love him!
  • Pamela Bennett Spies Episode 2 was perfect. Tennant was incredible; as he saw Anna again, his eyes changed and such an expression of joy. I really enjoyed the pace; it wasn't too slow for me at all. In some was, the art direction reminded me of Doctor Zhivago. <<< Can't seem to get away from the Doctor references.>>> Very, very well done.
  • Arlene Bradley I thought David was excellent in this, a very streight forward protrayal of a character, the two episodes were great, but I thought the ending could have gone further, but I guess they left it open for a sequel, with the war years. I would love to see it.
  • Frances Doyle I like the music and I thought it was well played the disbelief that Germany was on the road to war. As Pamela said it was reminiscent of Doctor Zhivago. The scenery and music of Dr Zhivago was outstanding, but then Maurice Jarre who did Lawrence of Arabia was also a sweeping saga of scenery and music. The music background played the right atmosphere for pre- war Europe. At one point I thought it could be a series and I wouldn't mind. Watching Water of Mars and Spies of Warsaw, the characters are well played by David Tennant. Each character he plays is its own entity.