USA Fan Reaction: Spies Of Warsaw Episode One

On 3rd April the first 90 minute episode of Spies Of Warsaw aired in the USA on BBC America.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

It is 1937, and Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a highly decorated soldier from the First World War, is the military attaché stationed in Warsaw, Poland while the shadow of Hitler’s Nazi regime looms over mainland Europe.
Mercier is grossly suspicious of the German military’s intentions, but he must juggle his formal duties at stifling diplomatic functions with the often death-defying realities of espionage.
With intelligence from his German informant Edvard Uhl, Mercier sets out on a stealth mission with his trusted accomplice Marek, where they discover that the Nazis are ensuring any future invasion of Poland can take place effectively and with little resistance. Mercier almost gets caught and killed during the mission, narrowly escaping, and thereby facing the wrath of French bureaucrat Jourdain, who is anxious to avoid the further heightening of diplomatic tension.
Amid the threat of a second world war, Mercier is also vying for the affections of Parisian lawyer Anna Skarbek, currently in an empty-shell relationship with Russian Émigré and political journalist Maxim. As Mercier and Anna’s relationship develops, it is clear that she must choose between both men. But will Mercier’s feelings for Anna jeopardise his mission and can she be trusted?
A selection of fan's thoughts:
  • Riley Joyce Excellent! We knew Tennant can do comedy and drama. We now see him do action. He also has great chemistry with Janet Montgomery.
  • Kela Nnarka Francis Didn't realize it's been a whole hour and a half... It's that good. (It was the same for The Hobbit)
  • Scott Brokaw Rather well written, finding it hard to leave the living room.. Well done David!!
  • Martin Leahy Spies & Broadchurch 2 outstanding programs. Tennant continues to impress!
  • Alice Morris Terrific recreation of the days before the invasion of Poland and David Tennant is in it. Couldn't be better!
  • Donna Witteried Very well done!
  • Amanda Canup "Do try not to get caught because technically speaking you are a spy." Enjoying the 1930s wardrobe, especially all the hats!
  • Sheri Lynn Gleason Fantastic! Absolutely love it!
  • Cheryl Duncan Excellent! Loved every second of it!
  • Melinda White loved it!! can not wait to see part two.
  • Arlene Robinson Terrific, smart and engaging.
  • Suzanne Bosworth Davis is such a versatile actor. I love whatever he does.
  • Ginger Crawford Beautifully photographed, location PERFECT, casting perfect, costumes perfect, performances by all pefect, dialogue beautifully written and executed, pace excellent, verisimilitude spot on, everything just smolders. I love me some 007, but this is grittier, very taut, more about character and plot and less about BANG POW EXPLODE. Bittersweet and intriguing, this is what I call quality television. I love it.
  • Diana Shelton Really great! Enjoying it a lot. Familiar with Alan Furst but haven't read this book yet. Love the whole cast. Can't wait for next week.
  • Susan Martin Just loved it!
  • Arlene Bradley Loved the first part, a much more physical part for David than he has ever done. Also a another first a straight leading man role for DT.
  • Jessica Davis Very good. It's great to have David back.
  • Verónica Figueroa Chanza Thrilling!
  • Al Mancuso It was a very good programme. Not as action packed as your ads made it out to be though. 
  • Yolanda Zachwieja I thought is was an interesting work, Love Tennant whatever he is in, and yes the towel seen was appreciated. The story line so far was thought provoking, on a few levels.
  • Celia Garland Wow! It's been so long since I saw really good drama on TV that I'd forgotten what it was like! This was excellent, and we are already anxious to see how things go next week. Our only complaint - we had to listen really hard to understand everything that was being said.
  • Chris Monnot Very interesting. I'm hooked. . .


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