The Radio Times Review David Tennant's New Radio 4 Drama The Great Scott: The Fair Maid Of Perth

The latest issue of the Radio Times features a review for David Tennant's latest BBC Radio 4 project The Great Scott.
The Fair Maid Of Perth is the first of three dramatisations in which David takes on the role of the Scottish writer and poet Walter Scott and it will air on Sunday 14th April 2013 at 3pm on BBC Radio 4.

The Radio Times say:
Not one of Walter Scott's finest novels, this dramatisation is a joy for it's simplification of an over elaborate plot.
The beautiful Catherine (Morven Christie), a lowly glover's daughter, is desired by four men from very different backgrounds, ranging from a bonnet-maker to a prince.
These are lawless times in 14th-century Scotland, where even the King cannot expect any better than treachery, so what hope would a young virgin to be treated well? 
Enter her most stalwart defender, the brawling blacksmith Henry (Bryan Larkin), who will fight to the death for her love.
It's a thoroughly enjoyable rip-roaring romp, with the gold-dust sparkle that always accompanies David Tennant, this time narrating the story in the guise of Scott.