The Politician's Husband Writer Paula Milne on David Tennant's 'Brave' Performance

Paula Milne, the writer of David Tennant's new BBC Two drama, The Politician's Husband has spoken of her admiration for David's performance as Aiden Hoynes.
Speaking of it she says:
"David’s performance is particularly brave, because Aiden is a pretty irredeemable character. And for an actor like David who carries such a legacy of goodwill and love from an audience, it’s quite a brave thing to play a character like that."
She also praises the chemistry between David and his co star Emily Watson and says they make a very believable married couple:
"I think David and Emily are brilliant in the main roles. The most fantastic thing about them is that you would completely believe they are married. When people say that actors have great chemistry, very often you want to yawn and say “Well, what does that really mean?” But, my God, you know when it’s not there, don’t you? And when I first saw David and Emily together, I completely believed them."