The Mirror: Broadchurch Is Monday's Must-See TV

The Mirror have selected episode 7 of Broadchurch as their must-see TV for today. They say:

Broadchurch mystery to keep viewers guessing right to the end

ITV, 9pm

In the penultimate episode, Ellie has to work out what happened last week at the clifftop hut.

Was Danny Latimer’s killer there for the taking, or was something else going on?

There are also plenty of questions to be answered about Susan Wright (played with maximum creepiness by Pauline Quirke).

Why has she been so obstructive to police and exactly how is she connected to Nige Carter, the cheery plumber who just so happens to keep a crossbow in the back of his van?

Then there’s the psychic, Steve (Will Mellor).

His insights into Danny’s death have always been one step ahead of the police.

But is he really getting messages from the other side – or is the explanation far more sinister and simple than that?
Or could the truth behind Danny’s death lie closer to home? There’s still the massive question of the texts that Ellie’s son Tom deleted from his phone and his computer’s hard drive that Ellie has yet to find out about.
And, crucially for Ellie, what does she really know about her new boss DI Alec Hardy and the murder case which he botched up in Sandbrook?

As the search for Danny’s killer moves into its endgame, this superbly tense thriller is going to keep police and viewers guessing right until the end.

Watch episode 7 of Broadchurch tonight on ITV from 9pm

Source: The Mirror