The Doctor Puppet: Animated Adventures In Time And Space

Check out the Doctor Puppet, a mini-Eleventh Doctor created by New York based animator designer and puppet maker Alisa Stern. The Doctor Puppet has had his own blog since 2012, and now is starring in an online animated fan-created adventure series along with some very special guest stars.The Eleventh Doctor is faced with a mystery to solve as both Clara and The Tenth Doctor disappear in front of his eyes. Will he be able to save them?

Watch The Doctor Puppet Episode 1: The Red X here:

Watch The Doctor Puppet Episode 2: The Conjunction Of Eleven here:

Look out for further instalments of this Doctor Puppet adventure on his YouTube channel


  1. This is awesome, and, the music... I want it on mp3!

    1. The song for How The Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas video is available for free download for a short time. You can find it here:

  2. That was fantastic! Even puppet David looks good!

  3. she should do this for all those lost Doctor who episodes that still have audio!! lol

  4. That was awesome. Sorry I read that wrong and thought you were attributing the creator and only after I posted for a correction and read it later did I realize you had it right with the, "his" when I was thinking her's as in the person who made it. :) Awesome job with the site by the way!


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